When studying in Delta, there are a number of options in terms of living accommodations.

School District Run Homestay

In Delta, our staff are not only involved in supporting the success and well-being of students at school, but also in their homes.  Our homestay program is run by the school district (rather than a private business) so school district staff are committed to providing a safe, quality homestay for our visiting students. All host families have been screened with a criminal record check and have been interviewed and inspected to ensure high quality, safe, and welcoming environments.

Students are provided with:
  • A private bedroom, which includes a comfortable bed, study table, and lamp
  • Bathroom and laundry facilities
  • Three substantial meals a day and snacks
  • Transportation assistance to and from school if more than 20 minutes walk away
  • Complimentary airport pick up and drop off

International students will provide information about their living habits and preferences on their application form, which allows them to list specific requirements of a homestay family. Once a family is selected, we will email a profile with pictures and contact numbers/email address, so that new students will have more information about their host family and will be able to make initial contact prior to arrival.

District custodianship is also provided for students in our homestay.  Private custodianship is also acceptable for students in our homestay program.

For more information on Delta’s Homestay Program, please contact

Private Homestay and Custodianship

Students are welcome to live with family or family friends, or utilize a private homestay and custodianship company when studying in Delta.

Living with Parents

Some of our students do come to Delta and live with their parents.  Although Delta does not offer a complete landing service, our staff is happy to help refer parents to resources that can assist in finding rental accommodations.  We have Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese and of course English speaking staff.  Delta International Programs offers Parent Orientations and Meet and Greets several times during the year so that parents can learn about life in Canada, the Canadian School System, how to assist their children’s adaptation to Canada and how to get involved in schools as well as meet other parents living in Delta who can serve as a support network.  We are happy to offer our parent community assistance and guidance!