Delta’s Homestay Program

Delta is very proud to run our own homestay and custodianship program.  We sincerely feel that providing 24 hour care and support offers quality care for students when studying in our program.  Homestay families and students have access to their assigned Homestay Coordinator who work regionally within Delta.  Students are also supported by the Director of International Programs, the two District Administrators, the Homestay Manager and a team of cultural support staff.

We are often asked “What types of families do you have?”.  We have all types.  Canada is a diverse country with people from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.  Some of our families have young children, some have teenagers and some have had children who are now adults.  Some of our families are large and some are small.  Some families have lived in Canada for generations, and others are more recent arrivals, so touched by the warm welcome they had to Canada, that they want to share that same warmth with others. What all of our families have in common is that we care about students, are excited about what they can share with students and what they can learn about students, and they love Delta!

All home families have been screened with a criminal record check and have been inspected to ensure high quality, safe, and welcoming environments.

Students are provided with:
  • A home where English is the primary language spoken
  • A private bedroom, which includes a comfortable bed, study table, window and adequate lighting
  • Bathroom and laundry facilities
  • Three substantial meals a day and snacks
  • Transportation to and from school if not within an easy walk of school
  • Airport pick up and drop off

In their application, International students are able to list specific requests and requirements they have of a homestay family. Once a family match is made, we email a profile with pictures and contact numbers/email address, so that new students will have more information about their host family and will be able to make initial contact prior to arrival.