Elementary Programs

Delta’s 24 Elementary Schools (Kindergarten to Grade 7, ages 5 through 13) are warm and vibrant places of learning where our younger students have excellent opportunities to learn English from an early age. Students can study for three months all the way to a full school year and longer.  Intake is at the beginning of each month.

All of our elementary schools offer ELL support for International Students while students are integrated into Canadian classes with Canadian students, where they can make friendships and feel immersed in Canadian schooling.

Students in our elementary programs can expect –

Extra-curricular sport programs, including basketball, volleyball, track and field

Band for all Grade 6 and 7 students, as well as choir and theatre opportunities

Outdoor education opportunities in upper elementary grades including camp and ski opportunities

Special school events such as Science Fairs, Math Contests and celebrations, Spring Carnivals, Winter Carnivals and Heritage Fairs

Elementary students are welcome to travel to Delta with their parents.  We offer orientations for our elementary students as well as their parents and our cultural support team is accessible to answer questions and support our students.  Delta also has a Elementary Coordinator devoted to supporting our Elementary International Students and their teachers in their learning.

Students as young as 10 can opt to stay in a Canadian Host Family.  Delta runs our own Homestay and Custodianship program so students our under the care of our team 24 hours a day.

Special Elementary Programs include –

International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program – English Bluff Elementary – which focusses on challenging interdisciplinary tasks and a global perspective on learning

Traditional Schools – Heath, Jarvis and Pebble Hill Elementary Schools – where a more formal and structured learning environment is provided for students within a nurturing and caring atmosphere. Students in Traditional Schools wear uniforms

Montessori Program – Devon Garden’s (Kindergarten to Grade 4) – Montessori programs offer an experiential and self-paced approach to learning

French Immersion – Ladner Elementary, South Park, Richardson, Devon Gardens, Sunshine (Kindergarten to Grade 7) and Chalmers and Cliff Drive (Grade 6 and 7) – Students study the majority of their program in French