Karen Symonds
Director of International Student Programs  – Admissions, Custodianship, Operations

Telephone: 604 952 5372
Cell phone: 604 396 6862


Karen began her teaching career in 1998 in Delta and has taught a variety of subjects including Advanced Placement English, Social Studies, and History. Most recently, she was Counselling Department Head and Coordinator of Inquiry at North Delta Secondary School. Karen has a Bachelors degree in Education and a Masters of Education Degree in Counselling Psychology, both from the University of Victoria. Her varied interests include a love of travel. A resident of Delta herself, Karen is proud of all that the community has to offer. She also takes pride in the Delta School District and the opportunities it offers students to grow not only academically, but in areas such as the arts, athletics, leadership, service, and social and global awareness and responsibility. Karen is a caring and enthusiastic educator who looks forward to supporting international students as they develop into tomorrow’s successful and responsible citizens, scholars and leaders.


Claire George
District Principal – High School Student Support (Delta and South Delta Secondary Schools)

Telephone: 604 952 5332
Cell phone: 604 562 4064


Claire has been an educator in Delta since 2004. She enjoyed working as a classroom teacher, ELL specialist, Teacher-Librarian, Vice-Principal, and Summer School Principal before joining International Student Programs. She has traveled extensively throughout the world, and began her teaching career in Taipei, Taiwan. Claire holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature, a Bachelor of Education degree, a Master’s degree in Children’s Literature, and a certificate in Transformative Educational Leadership, all from the University of British Columbia. She is proud of the variety of programming offered in Delta, having worked in Montessori and French Immersion Delta Schools. She is committed to helping students achieve academic excellence as well as positive cultural experiences during their time in Delta.


Dean Eichorn
District Administrator – High School Student Support (Burnsview, Delview, North Delta, Sands and Seaquam Secondary Schools)

Telephone: 604 952 5332
Cell phone: 778 549 6891

Dean has 30 years of educational experience as a teacher, science curriculum coordinator and vice-principal. He is an avid outdoorsperson whose interests include mountaineering, rock climbing, backcountry skiing, mountains biking and travelling. Dean is a passionate educator who values diversity, inclusivity and social responsibility. He encourages all students to reach their full potential as well as to participate in the many extracurricular activities offered by Delta’s schools. Dean has a Bachelor’s degree in Science from Simon Fraser University and a Master of Arts in Curriculum Studies from the University of British Columbia.


Israel Aucca
Marketing Manager – Portuguese and Spanish Student Support

Telephone: 604 952 5366
Cell phone: 604 230 0299


Israel Aucca is the marketing manager for international programs. He has been working in the education sector for more than 17 years. He has experience working overseas in Asia and South America, as well as in Canada, as a teacher, counsellor, coordinator, and also as an education-marketing specialist. Israel has an extensive knowledge of developing current marketing strategies for the education sector. As a fluent speaker in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese he understands different cultures. Israel is always available to assist and welcome educational agents as well as educational partners. He can also guide new students and parents.


Brent Gibson
Homestay Manager

Telephone: 604 952 5075
Cell phone: 604 319 0493


Brent repatriated to Canada in early 2020 with 15 years of international education experience, both as an educator, and as a student. He has worked closely with international students primarily in the fields of Tourism and Hospitality, cross-cultural communication, and developing special English Language based programs. From Vancouver Island, Brent earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce at the University of Ottawa. Even as an undergraduate student many years ago, he expressed his passion for British Columbia and BC tourism to classmates, teammates, coaches, and professors. He has his MBA from Sejong University in Seoul, South Korea. Life as an international student in a very multicultural classroom was a great experience for him to incorporate into his own enthusiasm and energy he puts into working with international students and English language learners.


Kimberley Grimsey
District Coordinator – Elementary Student Support

Telephone: 604 952 5394
Cell phone: 604 329 2693


Kimberley has been an educator in Delta since 2012. Primarily working as an elementary teacher in the intermediate grades, Kimberley is a passionate and caring educator who enjoys helping students reach their potential. She is qualified as a Learning Support Teacher, has a Bachelors degree in Education from the University of British Columbia, and a Masters of Education Degree in Self-Regulated Learning, also from the University of British Columbia. Kimberley has travelled around the world, teaching English to both Vietnamese and Korean students in Hanoi, Vietnam. Her travels have also taken her throughout Asia, South-East Asia and South America where she enjoyed learning about the culture from the people who live there. She is excited to introduce students from all over the world to the Delta School District, so they too can experience all that this district has to offer.


Akane Nishikiori
Japanese Student Coordinator

Telephone: 604 952 5381
Cell phone: 604 841 0123


Akane is our Japanese speaking multi-cultural worker in the International Student Program. She acts as a liaison between the parents, agents, students and our schools. Akane first came to Canada in 1999 on an exchange program through Ritsumeikan University in Japan and UBC. During this time she developed a passion for cross-cultural communication and cooperation. Since then she has worked as a language instructor in both Japan and Canada. Akane has a good understanding of the challenges that international students face in Canada, and wants to support their success in the Delta International Program.


Dongmei (Lily) Yang
Chinese Student Coordinator

Telephone: 604 952 5344
Cell phone: 604 790 9304


Lily is our Chinese-speaking multi-cultural worker in the international Student Program. She acts as a liaison between the parents, agents, students and our schools. She came to Canada in 2006 as a new immigrant. She understands challenges new-comers are facing when they move to a brand new country and try to settle down. Lily has a general English degree from China. She also went to BCIT for a MOA certificate and Delta Manor Education Centre for an Education Assistant certificate. Before Lily came to Canada, she had been teaching English and Mandarin at a language school for seven years. After moving to Canada, Lily fell in love with the richness of multi-culture in the lower mainland of B. C. She also is a very active volunteer for the city of Surrey and she thinks volunteering is such a great way to experience life and help people in our community. Lily had been an Education Assistant for Delta School District for a year. She is always patient, willing to listen and help. she wants everyone to be welcomed, included and supported.


Elaine Chu
Korean Student Coordinator

Telephone: 604 952 5302
Cell phone: 778 988 6069


Elaine is our Korean-speaking multi-cultural worker in the International Student Program. She acts as a liaison between the parents, students, and our schools. She aims to assist students to become global leaders who give back to society and she holds seminars to inform parents about the Canadian education system. Elaine has a Masters in Business Administration and has worked to help international students successfully transition to their new communities with academic and personal success. For over a decade she has also been serving as an educational consultant who specializes in university admissions, both locally and internationally.


Tiana Pham
Vietnamese Student Coordinator

Telephone: 604 952 5392
Cell phone: 604 861 8876


Tiana is our Vietnamese-speaking multicultural worker in the International Student Program. She acts as a liaison between the parents, agents, students and our schools. Tiana became a Canadian citizen in 2009 so she has a lot of experience regarding the adaptation to a new life in Canada. She also has a good understanding of all of the challenges new international students may face. With many years of teaching experience in Vietnam and a diploma in Technical Education, Tiana is willing to listen, understand, and provide her help and advice to the students and their parents. In this way she will do her best to help support Delta’s International Program.


Gillian Patrick
Homestay Coordinator – Tsawwassen

Telephone: 604 952 5385
Cell phone: 604 612 4020


Gillian has been with the Delta School District since 2009. Her background includes a degree in psychology and a certificate in teaching English as a second language. Having advised high school students on their post secondary options, she understands how stressful it can be to face new situations. Her interest in other cultures has led her not just to travel, but to participate in overseas volunteering. She is committed to making warm connections between international students and host families.


Teri Gallant
Homestay Coordinator – Ladner

Telephone: 604 952 5399
Cell phone: 604 319 2575


Teri Gallant is the homestay Coordinator for the Tsawwassen and Ladner area. Her years of work in the travel industry have taken her to many exciting countries and she always looks forward to sharing the Delta experience with International students. Teri has an Education Degree and a diploma as a teacher of the visually impaired.


Michele Ramsden
Homestay Coordinator – North Delta (Burnsview and Seaquam Secondary Schools and nearby Elementary Schools)

Telephone: 604 952 5352
Cell phone: 604 329 0373


Michele Ramsden is our newest Homestay Coordinator in North Delta. Her previous roles with the district have been as a Special Education Assistant and International Summer Activity Supervisor, working with students of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Michele has also spent many years in Tourism and Hospitality in Vancouver, Florida and Eastern Canada, where her passion for travel began, both as an active participant and facillitator! She is committed to our international students leaving Canada with warm, happy memories of their stay, that they will cherish for a lifetime.


Tania Hope
Homestay Coordinator – North Delta (Delview, North Delta and Sands Secondary Schools and nearby Elementary Schools)

Telephone: 604 952 5396
Cell phone: 604 612 1465

Tania has been with the Delta School District since 2012. She has worked in high schools and elementary schools as an Education Assistant and is currently a homestay coordinator in North Delta. She enjoys getting to know students from all over the world and connecting them with caring and supportive homestay families. She calls Delta home, and is pleased to share the natural beauty and diversity of her community with all the students who come to study.


Akiko Takao
Administrative Assistant

Telephone: 604 952 5367
Facsimile: 604 952 5383


Akiko came to Canada in 2011 and has worked in international student industry over 10 years. She used to be a counselor for students, homestay coordinator and program coordinator in her previous work. Her dream is working for a school district and it came true! She is excited to work in Delta community


Sungmin Kang
Admissions and Records

Telephone:  604 952 5302
Facimilie:  604 952 5383


Sungmin moved to Canada from South Korea with her family in the summer of 2020. She brings a background in international education and public administration. She was once herself an international student who lived in homestay in Sydney, Australia and Victoria, Canada. She has travelled extensively throughout Asia, Europe and North America and hopes to do more travelling in the near future. Sungmin is pleased to support and build relationships with international students and partners from around the world.


Michelle Lu
Senior Accountant

Telephone: 604 952 5327
Facsimile: 604 952 5383


Michelle Lu serves as a Senior Accountant in the International Student Program. She performs accounting duties, prepares financial reports, and conducts budget analysis of department financial data. Michelle came to Canada as an international student, and received her Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts Degrees in economics from University of Victoria. With her personal experience, Michelle understands the challenges and rewards of studying abroad. She enjoys learning about different cultures and is happy to assist international students to have a smooth and successful experience in Delta. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys reading, traveling, and outdoors.


Harleen Muker
Administrative Assistant

Telephone:  604 952 5366


Harleen has completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and a Human Resources Diploma. Her first experience in the Delta School District was at Jarvis Traditional which she absolutely enjoyed. She has travelled to Italy, Paris, London, India and hopes to travel more in the future. She is looking forward to learning about new cultures and onboarding International students into the Delta School District. Her goal is to make International students feel welcomed and comfortable in the community.