Lekòl Segondè North Delta

8-12 angle
Popilasyon: 1,300
Popilasyon Entènasyonal: 50

Orè: Klas 8, lineyè. Klas 9yèm – 12yèm ane, Semès

Direktè: Madan Sonia Sahota
Adrès lekòl la: 11447 82 Ave, Delta, BC, V4C 5J6
Telefòn: 604-596-7471

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Jwenn Esplikasyon

North Delta Secondary is a mainly semestered school with a student population of approximately 1300 students. The school is located in a more urban area, offering students who live in the area many exciting opportunities in the community. The diverse, multicultural school community is highlighted by its warm, welcoming, friendly and inclusive environment. The semester system allows for flexibility for international students who arrive mid-year. The school offers a wide range of curricular programs in the Sciences, Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Arts, Physical Education, Applied Skills, Modern Languages and Fine and Performing Arts. The school is well known for its highly regarded Pwogram Atletik, offering students to participate in team and individual sports in the Fall, Winter and Spring Seasons. Students have the opportunity to join a wide range of activities and clubs, including a popular theatre program, dance team, STEM club and mentorship program. International students can also participate in a variety of leadership and volunteer roles both in the school and local community, providing them a tremendous opportunity to be involved, share their voice and meet other students.

Jim Hope
Vis Distri a – Direktè – Sipò pou Elèv Lekòl Segondè nan North Delta

Nimewo telefòn: 604 952 5332
Telefòn selilè: 604 763 4406



Stephen Platzer
Kowòdonatè Etidyan Entènasyonal

Nimewo telefòn: 604 596 7471



Brizeida Hall
Kowòdonatè Homestay 

Nimewo telefòn: 604 952 5396
Telefòn selilè: 604 612 5383